Focus and practice have always been an important part of my life.

I spent years seeking,
hiking the Pacific Crest Trail,
living in a cabin off the grid near Athens, OH,
traveling to 24 countries,
studying herbalism,
learning the guitar,
working as a carpenter.

In 2011, I bought a historic house to rebuild and restore and then started my own finish carpentry business the following year. After completing a two-year intensive fine woodworking degree program at the University of Rio Grande, I knew I’d found the perfect vehicle for both my creative, artistic spirit and my meticulous attention to detail.

I believe quality comes from precision, mindfulness, and lots of heart.

I start with the finest wood from local sources and often know its story from tree to finished piece. I then use traditional joinery methods to create custom furniture and cabinetry, based on your ideas or a design collaboration. All of which, for you, means the highest quality furniture you can buy: Aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, one of a kind, and will last for generations.